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Honorary Elite Regimental Order is currently recruiting the following:
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Bounty Hunter
Mercenary (2)
Powertech (1)
Imperial Agent
Operative (2)
Sniper (1)
Sith Inquisitor (1)
Sith Warrior (1)
Officer's to Contact    
Hawtpantz Supermodel! PVP Officer
Special OP leader
Hawtpants PVP assistant
Kydia (Kydia)
Scary Leader Type Person. Recruitment and Proffesions help
mobiusptc (mobiusptc)
The Ewok. Newbie help
Welcome HEROs

A short bit about us:

Our Guild started back in the Beta of Star Wars Galaxies as "GCU" in 2003 and was the brain child of Isae and Alandra. The guild grew and grew until it was much more then a crafting guild. We reformed as HERO in November of 2003. We expanded to other games in 2005. Our purpose is to have fun and help each other out. For more info please see the guild information pages. Currently gearing up to play in swtor and have our old friends AMOK with us now :)

To Join Us in SWTOR:

If you were not signed up with us through the SWTOR Guild system prior to launch, you can find us on The Swiftsure Server. Please use your /who function to search for HERO, or for any of our officers who's names you can find located to the left of this frame. We look forward to seeing you in the game!

To Join the forums :
Step 1:Please register with guild portals (using your game name)

Step 2: Log into your GP account and at the top of our home page select “Join Honarary  Elite Regimental Order“

Step 3: Go to the Roster Tab ... and select “Update my Characters“ at the bottom of the screen

Step 4: Play on forums (Post a bit about yourself in the Cantina so we can all get to know you ... even if this sounds scary.)
HERO News    

The Swiftsure!

Xepharious, Dec 12, 11 3:55 PM.

BioWare has befuddled the Daisy-Chain. But at least they got us right! 
It is Official, HERO will now exist with our Ahazi friends on the server:


Please be sure to create your first character on this server. When you enter the game, you will be prompted to join HERO. (If you were signed up on the SWTOR site prior to launch.) If you were not signed up on the SWTOR site prior to launch, please use your /who function in game to search for our guild: HERO.

Our Guild Site

Xepharious, Dec 12, 11 9:11 AM.
Early Access is almost here!

I will be helping Kydia with he maintenance of this guild site. Please let me know via in-site email or in game if you encounter any issues. I will also be posting a poll or two as I go to get a feel for how everyone feels about certain aspects of the website.


SWTOR guild link

Kydia, Jul 21, 11 5:24 AM.

Join the guild on swtor website

You guys can click on the link and auto follow it to sign up. I guess I need to start getting everyone herded up and ready :) Pre orders just went live. Everyone thinks release date will be annonced at comic con. Yay

If anyone knows how to get in touch with a couple people let me know :) Ive only been able to get in touch with a couple people but people have been slowing finding us. I just would like to get the old screw back to some mischief :)

SWTOR has opened guild recruitment with forums

Kydia, Mar 16, 11 1:38 AM.
Ok so swtor has opened and made it possible for guilds to start recruiting. You create a guild, add members and when the game releases we can all be moved to the same server. We can also allign with guilds and pick guilds for rivalry. and hopefully we can be on their same server as well. so I am friends with alot of the other guilds from ahazi so will be alligning with them so hopefully we all get placed together.

soooooo. Look for HERO. PVP guild SITH (of course) USA server (because I had to pick one)

Join up and lets get this stuff going :) They also have free forums there for the guild.



Kydia, Mar 5, 11 12:13 AM.
Who is playing Rift and what servers/factions?
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